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Pictures from our trip to AZ and CA – batch 1


Step count has passed 5!

At the Seattle Gymnastics Academy indoor playground this afternoon. She randomly took a few steps earlier, and did this right before the hour was up. Peer pressure, I tell ya!

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Radio Control Boats at Downtown Park

Kristie’s note: Also not an Annie post. I’ll try to get to that today. :-)

Our stop at Downtown Park this afternoon was actually not by plan.  After church, I commented to Kristie that after stopping at the office to get the camera for some sunny Kelsey Creek Farm pictures, we should stop by Downtown Park for a brief photo session.  It just happened that Annie fell asleep on the way into the office parking garage, so we settled on parking the car, with Kristie watching Annie sleep while I wandered around taking pictures. 

Needless to say that on the first 70+ degree day (probably the first 60+ degree day in quite some time as well), the park was absolutely packed.  I had hoped to grab some quick shots of people using the park — walking around the trail, playing catch, tossing the football, or just enjoying a nice warm day in the middle of downtown Bellevue.  What I got was even better.

I had seen pictures of people sailing radio-controlled boats on the reflecting pond, but had never seen it in person until today.  From what I could tell, a radio-controlled boat enthusiast club had gathered to send their miniature ships through a series of rigorous tests.  I also saw some people with clipboards observing the boats, so am wondering whether there is a judging component involved as well.  When I get to the office tomorrow, I am going to need to get more information on the group — in particular, how frequently they are there.

I had originally started out with the Nikkor 17-55mm/f2.8 lens — my favorite lens for most occasions — but quickly switched over to the VR 70-200mm/f2.8 lens with a 1.7x extender on it.  The 70-200mm lens is amazing to begin with — it’s nice and fast, extremely high quality, and makes pictures in less-than-ideal light very possible (I’ve gotten some amazing youth theatre pictures with this lens).  With the 1.7x extender, it brings a high level of zoom at a low price, and a relatively low cost on light (1 stop).  Shooting in full sun as I was today, there wasn’t any problem with trading off a stop of light for increased zoom.  That and I was shooting on aperture priority, stuck on f9.0 for most of the day, so it REALLY didn’t matter all that much…

Most of these pictures are straight out of the camera (except for possibly being rotated by Windows Picture Viewer), but I had to do some cropping for some of these boat pictures…

(Nikon D200, VR70-200mm/f2.8 lens w/1.7X Extender @ 340mm, ISO 400, 1/1000th sec., f9.0 – Cropped)

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Spring Flowers at Downtown Park

Kristie’s note: Not an Annie post. She was asleep and unavailable for a photoshoot at the time these pix were taken. :-)

Every spring I tell myself that I need to get out more frequently to take pictures of Bellevue’s fine system of parks and open spaces.  Every summer, I realize that I haven’t quite made it out as frequently as I had originally wished.  I think what ends up typically happening is that I head out for the first time too late.  Last year, for example, I finally made it to the Rose Garden at Downtown Park when the spring bulbs were past prime.  This year, however, I made it there as things were just starting to pop. Read the rest of this entry »