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10 months! (Well, as of last Tuesday.)

10 month stats:

* As of 8/17, weighs 16lbs 14oz and is 27.5″ long.  This puts her in the 10th percentile for weight and the 40th percentile for height.  Her head size, on the other hand, is in the 90th percentile.  Our child is a lollipop.  :-p
* Is in a 6-9 month for most things, but fits 3-6 month shirts. Still in a size small diaper cover.
* Goes to bed in her crib between 7:30 and 8.
* Is up for the day between 6 and 7.
* Takes two naps a day between 1-1.5 hours each, and will sometimes take a 15-30 minute power nap in the early evening
* Has finally figured out that crawling on her knees is a little more efficient than army crawling… but reverts to the army crawl when she’s in a hurry
* Cruises furniture as necessary to get what she wants
* Wants to climb.  And climb.  And climb some more.
* When she’s not climbing, she wants to crawl through or under things.
* LOVES to swim.  She sees the pool and waves her arms and babbles until we’re in it.  She just hasn’t quite figured out yet that she can’t drink it.
* Still only has two teeth
* Will sometimes say “ca” for cat and “dada” for Daddy
* Eyes are still hazel.
* Favorite toys are books books books and any type of round, rolling object.  Golf balls are really nice because they’re small and roll so quickly.
* Pens are fascinating, and she’s figured out that they make marks on paper.  The Magna Doodle is a fun toy now.
* Points at things that interest her
* Eats everything, but given the choice, will eat fruit fruit fruit fruit.  And more fruit.
* Still loves the “Bob” book and song.  Alas.
* Is the bestest baby there ever was.


We like it when Mommy does laundry!

Who needs toys?


Daddy has three laptops.

Daddy has three laptops., originally uploaded by walker_fam.

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Who needs a jungle gym when we have STAIRS!

Who needs a jungle gym when we have STAIRS!, originally uploaded by walker_fam.

You have new Video Mail!

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Annie and Mommy

I love these pictures…


Gratuitious Cute Picture Post

It’s been a while since I just put together a post with cute pictures of the World’s Cutest Baby ™, but I uploaded a ton of pictures yesterday and thought I’d highlight a few…  Annie went with my dad and I to the Skagit Valley Dahlia Society show in Mt. Vernon, WA this past weekend, and certainly had fun charming people.  This was her second dahlia show, the first being the Kitsap show at the beginning of the month.
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Millions of peaches, peaches for me…



Roadtrippin’., originally uploaded by walker_fam.


Dad and Annie enjoy the M’s game.


Testing limits.

Testing limits., originally uploaded by walker_fam.

(Disaster in the picture due to remodel of the downstairs bathroom. We don’t live like that normally. ;-p)

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Greatest thing ever!

Greatest thing ever!, originally uploaded by walker_fam.

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