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I had to do a comparison, because I find the difference so amazing. Our girl is getting so big!

One week:

Five months:

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Five months!

Annie hit five months old this past Wednesday. I’ve been attempting to write this post since, oh, Tuesday, but that’s just how things go sometimes.

Anyway, Annie at five months:
* Weighs around 13 lbs (that’s a guesstimate from being on the scale with me)
* Has gone from size newborn to size small in most of her diaper covers but is still wearing infant size cloth diapers
* Wears a 3-6 month size in most clothes except sleepers—we have to put her in a larger size for those because her overnight cloth diaper is so big—and some pants—because I like them long on her so that her legs stay covered when you pick her up (it’s been too cold around here for bare legs on a baby!) and because some of them won’t fit over her diaper otherwise
* Goes down for the night between 7 and 7:30
* Is up for the day between 6 and 6:30
* Wakes between 3-7 times a night (teething’s hard on babies!)
* Loves to play with the cow hanging on her play gym, her lap piano, Pink Bunny, and her hands
* Enjoys hearing “Jabberwocky,” “Goodnight Moon,” and “Moo, Baa, La La La”
* Occasionally decides that she needs to turn the pages in books
* Is chewing on anything she can get, but shiny things (celllphone, laptop) are her favorite
* Can sit unsupported for up to a minute
* Prefers sitting to lying and standing to sitting
* Looks when you point at something
* Can roll from front to back
* Smiles at pretty much everyone and LOVES to look at new faces from the safety of Mom’s arms
* Giggles when Mom or Dad tickle her tummy or ribs or pretend to eat her toes
* Is working on cutting two teeth—they’ve been visible just below the surface since the middle of February and, but no movement yet (although for a week or so we could feel the tops below the gum, but the gum’s grown up again)
* Gets excited when you cheer with her (“Yaaay Annie!”)
* Is getting better about crowd noise (clapping and cheering). This will be good, because our first regular-season Mariners game is in a couple of weeks

All in all, she’s the joy that her name suggests, and such a good baby.

Annie at 5 months:

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The local wildlife

A random and fun picture…

A few weeks ago, Colin set up GuardKittyCam. One morning we were in the computer room, Colin working on a paper and me hanging out, and I got to wondering what the cat was watching out the window. So I looked directly to the left (right outside camera view) and saw this fine fellow.

He’d obviously been at work quite awhile, because there were several neat linear rows of holes in the bark. And when I say linear, I mean that they couldn’t have been more precise if he’d taken a tape measure and a chalk line and gridded them out. It was pretty cool!


Arizona, part 2

While we were in AZ, we went to two baseball games (Cubs and Diamondbacks; sadly, the only pix I have of those are the cell phone pics Colin and I took… alas) and managed to get Annie !!20!! autographs from various Mariners. Of course, most of those autographs are the “well, he *might* be famous someday” variety, but we did get Brandon Morrow, Felix Gutierrez, another player whose name I’ve forgotten offhand, and Dave Niehaus and Rick Rizz, our main broadcasters. What did we learn from this experience? People are happy to sign when you wave a cute baby at them. ;-) We tried for Griffey, but he buzzed past in a golf cart. Alas. Read the rest of this entry »

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I intended to do this several days ago, but although we’ve been back over a week, I’ve either had a sick husband, a sick baby (Annie’s first milestone… some things I’d rather have postponed!), or I’ve been sick. Ugh. We’re not all healthy yet, but I managed to bang out most of this in a fit of ill insomnia last night.

Anyway, we spent a week in Arizona in early March at Mariners Spring Training. It was a nice chance to see some sun and some baseball! Colin’s parents have a place right across from the ballpark in Peoria, so we got to spend some time with them and do some exploring.

The sun and warm weather provided a nice opportunity to be outside. I had to laugh, though; in talking to one of my Arizona friends, I mentioned that it was nice that it was so warm (mid-70s) and she laughed and said that they were happy that it was so cool! It’s all about perspective, I guess! Read the rest of this entry »

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Staring contest

Staring contest, originally uploaded by wa_bookworm.



Reading?, originally uploaded by wa_bookworm.

Annie devours the written word.

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The definition of cute.

The definition of cute., originally uploaded by ceepdublu.



Zzzz…, originally uploaded by wa_bookworm.

A baby on vacation


At the Heard museum Indian fair

At the Heard museum Indian fair, originally uploaded by wa_bookworm.

Annie and Uncle Rob


Annie at her first baseball game.

Annie at her first baseball game., originally uploaded by wa_bookworm.

The election, the inauguration, her first baseball game… Kid sleeps through all the important things! :-)


Annie makes the motions to YMCA

Annie makes the motions to YMCA, originally uploaded by wa_bookworm.


Tired baby watches the Cubbies

Tired baby watches the Cubbies, originally uploaded by wa_bookworm.


Dad and Annie look at butterflies at the Desert Botanical Garden

Dad and Annie look at butterflies at the Desert Botanical Garden, originally uploaded by wa_bookworm.

She was pretty fascinated!


Photo posts

The next few posts will be random pictures Colin and I have taken with our cell phone cameras. I’d put them all in one post, but that’d take even longer. I promise to try to get a REAL update sometime soon.


Cellphone = good teether

Cellphone = good teether, originally uploaded by ceepdublu.

As we’re not that good at talking on them yet…

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Chilled-out baby pose

Chilled-out baby pose, originally uploaded by wa_bookworm.

She’s been spending a lot of time in this pose lately. It cracks me up. :-)

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Annie decided to hold her own bottle today!