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Annie ready for breakfast.

Annie ready for breakfast., originally uploaded by ceepdublu.

Out for breakfast at our neighborhood restaurant. Annie says she is ready for pancakes.

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Ain’t this the case!

PictureMail, originally uploaded by ceepdublu.

Colin took her this morning so that I could get a nap, and while I was sleeping, she favored him with this look. :-)


Last weekend we journeyed to California to visit family down there. It was a really good trip, the only disappointment being the weather, which was actually nicer in Seattle than in SoCal. Go figure. :-)

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Maybe we should have named her “Brooke?”

‘Cause she sure does babble!

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The long-delayed post on Annie’s baptism

I wanted to finish this post sooner, but it’s been a busy couple of weeks. However, I shall not deny you all the pleasure any longer. :-)

Coincidentally enough, we ended up scheduling her baptism for her three-month birthday, January 25th. This quarter-year celebration and birth into her new family was a good excuse to get lots of people together, and we were a large and jolly party at church for this celebration.

Colin (for those of you who didn’t know) is the director of our church handbell choir. As such, he was not only able to schedule the choir to play for Annie’s baptism, but could choose the piece. The hymn he chose is one we had at our wedding, titled “Borning Cry.” The words make it especially appropriate for both occasions. Once I get the recording of us playing, I’ll link it here. My cousins Angela and Rachel served as pinch-ringers (they’ve been ringing since they were in preschool) which added a nice family feel to it.

Annie was, of course, perfect during the entire service. In her three months of churchgoing life, I’ve only had to take her out once (not counting diaper changes). She slept through most of the baptism, only stirring briefly when the water touched her head. Read the rest of this entry »

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On the plane

After landing, originally uploaded by wa_bookworm.

Right after landing from her first ever plane flight. She was PERFECT the entire time–the people in front of us said they hadn’t even realized there was a baby behind them!


We have discovered the toy

We have discovered the toy, originally uploaded by ceepdublu.

We’ve had this little jingle pig hanging in front of her since she was a week old. She’s finally discovered it. :-D