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Kari reminded me that I’d somehow neglected to post the picture that’s my absolute favorite. So here it is. :-)

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Two months!

Okay, I lied. But this one only has one picture.

Christmas Day marked Annie’s two month mark! I can’t believe it’s been that long already! We’ve definitely been noticing changes in our little girl. Today we discovered that she’d grown out of her first piece of clothing–two of her pairs of newborn-sized slippers. I’m sure other outfits won’t be far behind. We took her in to be weighed yesterday and she’s 9lbs 5 oz, 2.5 pounds over her birth weight.

She’s becoming quite a bit more conversational, as well. She babbles and coos and waves her hands, and her smile is her favorite thing to play with right now, mostly I think because it gets such a reaction out of people. She’s grabbing onto things put into her hands with a fierce grip that mirrors that of her mouth when she’s eating. She’s discovered that Mommy has long hair and that it’s good for grabbing as well. She really seems much more aware of her surroundings, and there are times you can tell that she’s just taking it all in. She’s doing great at holding her head up when she’s held upright or lying on her tummy. If she’s being held or lying on her back and someone new starts talking, she’ll swivel her head trying to figure out who the person is. She continues to be a busy baby and is seldom still even in her sleep. If she naps on her tummy, she’ll turn her head from side to side in her sleep, trying to get comfortable. If we put her down for a nap on her back and she’s not swaddled, she’ll find all sorts of interesting contortions to experiment with. One thing we were hoping we’d see by now but haven’t is an increased tolerance for her carseat. We keep hearing from countless people how being in the car was the only way they could get their kids to sleep, but Annie pretty much hates her carseat, and by the time she’s settled down, it’s time to haul her out of the carseat again. Alas. Perhaps when we move her out of her infant seat, she’ll like it a little better.

In any event, here’s her two-month picture. I’m going to be taking these once a month now.


Random shots.

Last Annie picture post for now. Just some random shots.

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A Christmas present.

My sister’s Christmas present to Colin, Annie, and I was to take pictures of Annie with her nice digital SLR and lens setup. It was the perfect present, and they came out so beautifully that I don’t know how to thank her. Below are a few (hah! few!) of my favorites. More are on her Flickr.

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Snow Baby!

As promised, pictures of the SnowBaby (and a few other things). Again, click the cut to see the rest of the post.

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There’s no business like snow business

As you may have heard, we’ve had crazy amounts of snow here in the Pacific Northwest lately. It all began December 13th. As is usual with our snow, a cold front moved in from the north and met a wet front moving in from the west. As was very unusual, it not only stuck around, but turned into a cycle of cold from the north and wet from the west. The end result was snow, and a lot of it. We usually get snow once or twice a winter, but it’s not very much—under 3″—and sticks around for two days at the absolute most (if it sticks at all). As of the last snowfall on December 26th, we’d probably gotten 12″ here at home, with about 10″ on the ground. This is nothing compared to what the midwest or northeast US sees, but unlike those regions, we’re not prepared for it—the cities don’t have many snowplows because they don’t get used often, people don’t have snow tires on their cars because they’re almost never needed, and most people don’t know how to drive in/on snow because they don’t have to very often.

What this means is that any snow is headline news. This blast has been the news for the past two weeks. As far as the reporters seem to be concerned, nothing else has happened in the greater Seattle area since the first flake fell on the 13th. When not found marveling over the cold white stuff coating the ground and falling from the sky, TV reporters the region over were chasing people down to ask them what they thought of said white stuff. All in all, relatively amusing. Not so amusing has been the slew of traffic disasters and accidents, the lack of services (the US Postal Service’s motto about rain, snow, sleet, or hail isn’t exactly accurate around here, apparently, and UPS and FedEx gave up a week ago, meaning that lots of people didn’t get Christmas presents), and the terrible road conditions.

On the bright side, we had a lot of fun with our little girl in her first snowfall. Also exciting was the first white Christmas that Colin or I can remember (and Colin’s lived here his whole life), and the bonus of having Annie’s first Christmas be a white one. The whole experience was, of course, quite photo-worthy. This post is all snow pictures; the next one will have SnowBaby pictures. :-) I’m trying something new, too—in order to help those of you on dial-up connections, I’m putting the pictures behind a “cut”—click the link below (“read the rest of this entry”) to see the pictures. And, as usual, there are even more pictures here.

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Our little girl has many moods. I tend to only show the happy moments, but truth be told, even her cranky moments have a lot of personality. We’re at the point where it’s easy for us to tell the difference between her honestly upset fusses (hungry, wet, etc.) and her moments where she decides that she’s a poor thing and we need to know it. It took awhile before I could laugh at it, but I finally decided that I had to share the hilarity with you all.

She starts out with the “I am most SERIOUSLY displeased” look.

When that doesn’t work, she goes for the “you wouldn’t deny anything to these eyes, would you?” look.

And if we’re still immune, she pulls out the big guns–the lower lip.

Please pray that she forgives me someday for sharing these. ;-)



It’s been a busy couple of weeks, but I’ll be updating with a few posts in the next couple of days so you all can have your cute baby fix. :-)


Baby yeti

Recently I hit Target in search of something to keep little Annie warm while we’re out and about in the upcoming winter chill.  I discovered that they make special suits for the purpose, and couldn’t resist getting a little Winnie the Pooh one.  It’s really just a large fuzzy sack with arms, a hood (with EARS!), and a zipper up the front so that it’s easy to plop her in and out.  It also conveniently has a cutout for the seatbelt in her carseat.  Holding her in it is like snuggling a large fluffy stuffed animal.  I got a 3 month size since it said 8-15 pounds, but I maybe should have stuck with the newborn size, as it’s quite huge.  But it’s adorable.

She’s not so sure what we’re all about here. 

“Okay, now we can at least see my face while I give Daddy a patronizing look.”

“I feel like Ralphie’s brother in A Christmas Story.

“Did you want a child or a stuffed carnival prize?”

I especially love this look.  I like to think it’s one of resignation.

More baby smiles!

She really was very patient with us.

Yep, it’s still just a little too big.  Just a little.



When Baby Girl sleeps, she sleeps hard.  But this often does not happen without a protracted battle with herself.  The head will tip, the eyes will droop dangerously, and the mouth will make small and weak sucking movements.  Happily, though, the end result is often as follows:

Most often the past week, though, it has looked something like this.

This led to the composition of the following little ditty. With apologies to my favorite Doctor.
I will not nap off Mom, I say.
I will not nap off Mom today.
I will not nap when in a swing,
I will not nap when in my sling.
I will not nap when in my crib,
I will not nap when I wear a bib.
I shall not nap on couch or floor,
I shall not nap there anymore.
I do not like to nap off Mom,
I do not like it, everyone.
I only nap on Mommy’s chest
I really nap on Mommy best.
I will not nap off Mom, I say,
I will not nap off Mom today.
I want to sleep, so leave me be–
I want to nap on Mom, you see!


Six weeks and smiles!

Annie is six weeks old as of last Saturday!  I would have had an update, but she picked up a bit of a cold on Thanksgiving which manifested itself in a little wheeziness, an icky rash (which you can see in some of the pictures), and a lot of crankiness and clinginess.  Between that and her six-week growth spurt, I haven’t had a hand to myself in days.  Having said that, our girl is definitely getting bigger—8lbs 10oz at her weight check this past Wednesday!  Her skills are also amazing—she can swivel her head side to side almost effortlessly when she’s on her tummy.  When we’re playing in the tub and she floats, she’s discovered that she a well-placed frog kick pushing off me will send her floating, which gives her the widest eyes you’ve ever seen as she experiments with it.  She rolls over about once a day during tummy time (mostly when she’s frustrated).  But the biggest development of all is a fun one—she smiles all the time now!  Witness:

She’s such a happy little girl despite the poor rashy face! But now, more cuteness, just because. :-)

She looks like she’s making a decision.

Daddy whipped out the camera after Annie’s bath one evening.  Unfortunately for her, Mommy had been playing with her hair.  Note the “camera??!!” look on her face.  I think if she could have, she would have hidden her face.  Ahh, to catch them while they’re relatively immobile.  :-D (You can kind of see the rash on her face and shoulders here.)

She’s really not quite as skinny as she looks in this picture!

Trying to decide if these pictures constitute grounds for justifiable homicide.  Just wait until you bring home a boyfriend, kiddo.  :-D

Like lots of babies, she tends to be a bit cranky in the evenings.  Usually it’s nothing a lot of bouncing/swinging and some white noise won’t cure.  She’s in her swing here, and listening to her trusty iPod (on her lap).  We have a little speaker that plugs into the headphone jack, and I have a white noise (a whooshing, inside-of-a-jet sound) loaded up.  It calms her so well it’s almost scary.  Hence the look on her face here.

The next night.  Same drill.

This was during her weekly photo shoot with the bear.  I love the pose she put herself in.

I think here she was telling us to get it over with.

I love her eyes here.

But I love them here even more.

We visited my school this week for the staff holiday luncheon.  Here we are all dressed up and ready to walk out the door.  Ignore my oh-my-gosh-we-have-to-leave-in-ten-minutes fresh-from-the-shower hair.

But wait, there’s more!  Check back in a bit and I’ll have that up as well.  :-)



I promise to try to get a proper update posted in the next couple of days…  We’ve had a sick baby (an icky cold) who hasn’t wanted to be set down; as a result, I don’t think she has been set down in at least a week.  I’m getting better at typing one-handed, but it’s a tad too laborious when faced with typing a post and putting together pictures.  I’ll just promise that there are pictures (and a new video!) and that I’ll try to get them up soon.  :-)