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A comparison

Just for comparison, Annie at one week and five weeks.


Five weeks, and a video!

Annie Joy is five weeks old! One major thing we’re noticing is her smiles—she definitely knows what it is and when to use it. It’s adorable, but unfortunately, we’re usually too busy cooing over it think about grabbing the camera. I did manage to get a couple of halfway decent shots, which are below. She also LOVES her baths; no matter how cranky she is, the minute she hits the water, she heaves a big sigh, ceases all noise, and relaxes. Mommy’s going to start giving her swimming lessons after Christmas—the city for which Colin works has a warm water therapy pool that’s open for open swim in the mornings, so I figure we’ll try to go over once a week and splash. Assuming, that is, that I can find a swim diaper small enough for her. :-)

Anyway, first, a video. She’s enthralled with the camera—this shiny thing that Mom and Dad keep waving in her face. I’m hoping she doesn’t get camera-shy eventually. :-)

Having reached the milestone 8lbs (we’re guessing—next weight check isn’t until 12/10), she can now ride in the Baby Bjorn! She’s not too certain about this, but we’ll keep working on it.

Just being cute.

Making faces at Daddy.

The baby burrito shows off her tongue.

I LOVE this one—it’ll definitely be coming out sometime around the time she has her first boyfriend. ;-)

She’s full of personality (and seldom still) even in her sleep.

Finally caught a smile with the real camera instead of the cameraphone. Yet it’s blurry. Alas.

Because it’s impossible to have too many baby smiles.

Five weeks old.


One month old!

Our baby girl is one month old today! I’m not quite sure where the time has gone, but that could have as much to do with a haze of fatigue as anything.

As of last Friday, she weighed 7lbs 12 oz. We can see her starting to fill out—she’s working on little chubby baby thighs. :-) She’s quite good now at following things with her eyes and her head—if she hears a familiar voice (Daddy or I, really) or an unfamiliar sound, she’ll turn her head looking for it. She’s started to wave her hands towards things and open and close her fingers; I think in her mind she knows that she wants to grab them, but she hasn’t quite figured out that she needs to use her hands to do this. If you put something in her hand, she’ll grip onto it—fingers and shirts are a favorite. She’s starting to recognize the kitties, and if she’s laying on the floor or the bed and one of them comes near, she’ll turn her head to look. She’s getting to be a pretty good sleeper, and will go up to two hours during the day (although it’s almost always more like 30-45 minutes) and over three hours at night. She seems to enjoy meeting new people; if she’s asleep, she’ll stay asleep, and if she’s awake, she gazes with wide eyes. Said eyes are still currently a non-descript color, by the way, and we’ve been told that it can be up to eight more months before we can tell for sure what they’ll be. Mommy is leaning towards brown and Daddy says they’ll be blue. In other milestones, she passed her carseat test last Friday, so she’s now in a regular seat and the carbed has been returned to the hospital, and no one is sad to see it go.

Anyway, pictures! There are a lot this time, because I just couldn’t choose a few of the cutest—they’re ALL cute! The quality of a few isn’t so great—they’re from my new hand-me-down camera phone.

Annie’s room. I realized I never took pictures after we finished it. Note the cat in her favorite spot next to the rocking chair.

Her crib at this point is just holding the pillow and blanket we use when we’re playing on the floor with Annie—she’s still sleeping in our room. I’m going to probably work on having her nap in her crib pretty soon, though, so she’s used to it.

The kid has a ton of stuffed animals! The cloth in the foreground will be used to cover the floor pillows I have… eventually. That’s pretty far down on the priority list that’s currently topped by finishing thank you notes (sorry, everyone. :-\ )


Please, Dad, don’t take my picture!

I think she knows that she’s cute.

In her big girl carseat.

Baby smiles!

What she thinks of Mommy constantly shoving a camera in her face.

A surprised look.

Snuggled into her sling, in her favorite place—snuggled against Mommy’s chest. She’s a snugglebug and will pretty much curl up with anyone that’s willing to hold her.

One month old!

We’re still not sure what color her eyes will be, but they look blue here.

She looks like she’s ready to burst out into speech!

For those of you (grandparent-types, mostly) who tell me I need to update this blog more, don’t forget you can go here for more pictures than just the ones I post here. I upload pictures there a little more often than I get around to actually writing a blog post, so if you need a baby fix, you can try there. :-)

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Three weeks!

All is well here in Annie-land. We think she’s in the middle of her 3-week growth spurt, because she’s been eating pretty much nonstop since Thursday. She’s quite good now at turning her head from side to side when she’s lying on her tummy (although she still works best when she’s slightly frustrated), she’s started to enjoy (read: fall asleep during) her baths, and she’s beginning to interact when you play with her. She can’t grab things yet when you wave them in front of her, but she’ll wave a hand at them like the intent is there, and if you move a toy or something in front of her face, she’ll turn her head to follow it with her eyes. When Colin or I walk into a room and she hears our voice, she’ll turn her head toward it. It’s quite fun! We’ve also discovered the secret to peaceful diaper changes: the hairdryer. Yes, the hairdryer. At first it was just an attempt to dry out her bit of diaper rash before we wrapped her back up, but when she fell asleep the second time we used it, we knew we were onto something. I think the noise is the primary lure for her, but I don’t think the nice warm air hurts either. I need to make a recording of the sound just in case the hairdryer breaks at some point.

Sleep-wise she’s pretty good too… at night at least. In fact, she’s really only content enough to sleep if someone’s holding her, day or night. This is par for the course with a newborn, even if it is a bit exhausting at some point (and the reason some of you haven’t heard from me—it’s much harder to type one-handed). I think we’re averaging two hours at a clip; we can let her go up to four hours between feedings at night, but that’s from the beginning of one to the beginning of the next, which means that by the time the food part is done and the diaper is changed and we’re settled down, we can get maybe three hours of sleep. Maybe. During the day she sleeps for maybe 30-45 minutes at a time, and less lately, as she’s been eating so much. That’s okay, though—this stage is fleeting, and so beautiful in so many ways. We really are enjoying our precious little girl. :-) I can’t believe she’ll be four weeks old next Saturday! We’re hoping to retake the car seat test later this week, allowing us to graduate into our “big girl” seat. I’m also hoping that she’ll have gained some good weight at her weight check this Friday—I’d love to make the 8-lb mark!

Anyway, the part you all want—the pictures. :-)

Out at dinner the other night. She spent the meal on my lap, which meant that the poor kid served as a crumb-catcher. It’s hard to eat one-handed, and even harder when you’re an arms-length away from your food!

Three weeks!

At church. Colin and I decided we needed to compare her with the size of the handbells we play. Annie’s an honorary member of our handbell choir, and while we rang during the service today, she snoozed contentedly in the sling in the picture. She’s only unhappy when the music stops. :-) She’s a musical baby already!

Gratuitous cuteness.

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2nd bath

Annie actually enjoys her 2nd bath.

Annie actually enjoys her 2nd bath.

The 2nd bath went quite a bit better than the first.  We discovered that the little floating ducky temperature thingy that theoretically has text that disappears when the water is the right temperature doesn’t really work all that well.  Part of the reason why Annie squacked so much with the last bath is because the water was on the chilly side.  The floating turtle, a digital thermometer, seems much more accurate, and we had a much happier baby.

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Pictures of new experiences!

Firstly, I have to document a milestone: little girl rolled from her tummy onto her back this evening… twice! It’s so much fun to see her develop new skills!

Anyway, as promised, pictures!

The ped on Wednesday gave us the okay to give Annie a bath. Due to various fatigue levels (of her AND us!), this had to wait until Thursday. We were hoping she’d be a little happier for the process, but we at least got through it without bloodshed.

The fraction of a second that she wasn’t screaming.

Managing to forgive Daddy.

I love this look.

Asleep at last.

She’s not always as sweet or cute as she pretends to be.

Two weeks!

On Saturday, the Mariners had a smallish open house for season ticket holders—cookies, cider, and a chance to see the visitors’ clubhouse and dugout and to have your picture taken with Santa Moose (the Moose is the Mariners’ mascot). Colin’s parents have weekend season tickets that we buy some of every year, so we got to head down and check things out. I’m not going to show the Christmas card pic, but I will show some of the others we got.

I had to get a shot of her in her car bed on the way; I’m hoping this is a phase which will soon pass into the past, but it needs to be documented all the same.

Grandpa shows Annie the visitors’ clubhouse. She might have been impressed if she hadn’t been asleep.

The three of us in a locker (slightly nicer than the ones we all remember from high school PE!)

In the visitors’ dugout. Our season ticket seats are more or less below the “.com” in the “” sign to the right of the “Welcome to Safeco Field” sign.

Daddy and Annie. The pitcher’s mound is right behind them.

My new favorite family picture.

Annie giving her first press conference in the Mariners’ press briefing room.

It’s fun to think that the next time she’s at Safeco Field will be for Opening Day in April. We have her outfit ready already. :-)

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2/52 of a year old today!

I know Kristie already posted that Annie’s 2/52nds of a year old today, but I just had to post a cute picture…

Annie at 2 weeks

Annie at 2 weeks

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Saturday update

Annie Joy is two weeks old today!

We’re going to do Christmas pictures today! I’m not going to say what they are, but they’re going to be… different. I can’t wait.

In other Annie news, we had our second peds appointment this week. Since Annie’s actually sleeping without me holding her, I’m going to copy and paste what Colin wrote about it to a friend on Wednesday so that I can get back to laundry.

2nd pediatrician appointment today—2-week well baby check. Since Annie had some trouble with her blood oxygen levels right after birth, they checked her O2 sats at last week’s appointment and this week’s appointment.

Last week, we made the mistake of completely undressing her before the nurse tried to attach the O2 gizmo to Annie’s (by then, flailing) toe. Let’s just say that O2 readings on a screaming 5-day-old are not all that great. She ended up with a nice, stable 94% after a few minutes.

This week, we decided to have the nurse attach the gizmo to a sleeping, happy baby. 98% reading right away. I think any time we have to do that again in the future, we will not piss off the baby, and will get her when she’s sleeping.

We have a happy, healthy 11-day-old baby who is now almost 3 oz above her birthweight. :-)

In any event, she’s been cluster feeding lately—wanting to eat constantly for a prolonged stretch of time. This is normal for breastfed babies. Her first couple of times doing this were at night, which are difficult, but lately she’s been doing it all during the daytime, which is much more bearable. She slept for a 4-hour stretch last night, woke up to eat, and then slept for 3.5 hours before Colin and I woke her up (I got her up, but Daddy had to do most of the actual getting her awake so that she could eat). She ate some and slept for another couple of hours. This was quite welcome because she spent all morning and about five hours of the evening yesterday permanently attached to me. I didn’t realize how draining it would be just to serve as Café Mommy (as Colin calls it). She got her first bath on Thursday; sadly, she hated it (although she was in the middle of a crankypants cluster feed when she got it, so that might have made a difference). Yes, we got pictures that we will post at some point when I get around to it. :-D At her peds appointment we found out about her carseat test–we’ll call at the end of next week to schedule it for the week after. I’m sure she’ll pass, and it will be nice to have the carbed in our history rather than our present.

Okay, off to put away the laundry that has been sitting here for far too long. Happy Saturday, everyone!

Oh, and if you want a Walker Family Christmas Card, let me know in a comment (you will have to say who you are, since I’m not all-knowing ). I’m pretty sure that if you’re reading this blog, I have your address, but if I don’t, Colin or I will be contacting you.  :-)


Life’s just chugging along

Not much to report from this front. I don’t think we even have any new pictures, something I’ll have to remedy. :-) In any event, our little girl officially passed her birth weight on Monday, a milestone they generally give babies about two weeks to achieve, but one that Annie managed on day 9. Colin and I call her our little overachiever. She can flip her head from side to side if you lay her on her tummy, and even hold it up in the air to look straight ahead for a few seconds while she’s attempting the flip. She’s very focused when she tries to do something like this, which amuses Daddy and I. She’s also quite the snuggler, which has been fun, and her little sleeping baby smiles had a whole elevator of people entranced the other day at the doctor’s office.

Health-wise, she’s been perfect. We have a peds appointment today and I’m hoping that she’ll get the okay to retake her car seat test so that we can pass another milestone by returning the car bed to the hospital. She eats great, she sleeps… well, not so great, but that’s par for the course. Even at 3am, she’s still perfect. :-)

We’re more ready for visitors now, so those of you that have asked, please give me a call or an email—we’d love to see you! And if you were that mystery person who called yesterday whose message I inadvertently deleted instead of listening to, I’m really sorry and if you’d call back I’d really appreciate it. :-p

Much love (and pictures later!) from the three of us!


Hiccups, Halloween, and other cuteness

Several fun things. For those of you who need more than this, there are (as before) more (and larger versions of all that might be more suitable for printing) here. :-)

To start off, the promised hiccup video. :-D (No, I don’t know what the deal is with the odd distortion.)

Annie’s first Halloween, as well as her due date! We celebrated by having dinner at Grandma and Grandpa’s for the first time.

Annie and Daddy.

Annie models the pumpkin hat Grandma Kathy crocheted her.

Of course, after Halloween comes a special Tuesday. Mommy made sure to explain and instruct Annie in the importance of this day. (In WA you can sign up to permanently vote absentee.)

Some cuteness!

One week old. Expect to see this teddy bear again.

Daddy bought this outfit especially for her first Sunday at church. She was a perfect angel—slept through the entire service. We went up front at the end to listen to the organ, which she liked.

I think she wanted to get the photoshoot over so that she could sleep. :-)


Mommy, Annie, and Fiona kitty all had a good snuggle.

I really like this one. I couldn’t tell you why, but I do.


First week photo dump

We are so very in love with this little girl.

This was right after she was born. Colin said that he missed the first few minutes because he was busy panicking over me, but once he realized that I was missing the first moments of our girl’s life too, he grabbed the camera and jumped into action. This was on the warming table in the room. (Honey, feel free to correct me.) They’d already cleaned her up because she was covered in blood, but you can still see a ring of it around her mouth from where she was coughing it up. :-(

This was on Sunday morning, I think, when I finally had the presence of mind to get a picture of Daddy holding his little girl. Most of the pix we took in the NICU are pretty grainy because we didn’t want to disturb Annie with our flash. I love this one anyway, though, graniness and all.

We both tried to take our glasses off so that she could see us better. It’s funny seeing this picture because in four years of marriage, I’ve still rarely seen Colin without his glasses on.

The NICU nurses really were fabulous. One of them made tags for all of the cribs (well, the parents that were okay with it) for Halloween. We’re putting Annie’s in her baby book.

Our first family picture.

Colin took a bunch of pictures of her after we finally got her settled in. I love everything about them—the color, the serenity, the cuteness.

We love her cute faces. Here we were trying to get her awake enough to nurse. She is Mommy’s girl, as we both hate to be awakened from a sound sleep.

Sometimes (more so in those first couple of days), getting her awake enough to eat took stripping her down to her diaper. And who can resist a mostly-nakey baby? :-)

In a milk coma. (Or, “milk drunk,” as I like to call it, as she often breaks out in loud hiccups afterwards, something which I’m going to try to get video of today because it’s hilarious!)

“Why do you people keep waking me up?”

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