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Hello Sprocket!

Same pic, with labels.

What Sprox spent most of his/her time doing–sucking an arm while playing with the umbilical cord. I really think Sprox looks like Kari and I did when we were infants–something about the forehead and cheekbones.

And a smile.


Misc updates

A few random things worth sharing. :-)

1. Sprocket room!
Colin’s been great about getting Sprox’s room done.

This was a few weeks ago when I was tearing carpet out.

We went with three colors. The ceiling will have puffy white clouds and glow-in-the-dark stars, the green wall will have jungle stuff on it, and the other walls (all yellow) will have furniture on them.

Same shot, with flooring. The flooring is the leftover cork from when we did the floors downstairs before we moved in.

By the window. It faces north, and there are trees outside, so it stays pretty dark, so we’ll have to do something with lighting.

Same shot, with flooring.

I think the next time I post pictures will be when it’s done. :-)

2. Piano!
When we sold the condo and were able to stick a nice chunk of change in the bank, we earmarked a small portion for some projects we’d been putting off. One was to have the piano refinished. It’s an antique Bush and Lane pump action player that, as near as we can figure out, dates between 1910 and 1914. I inherited it from my aunt and uncle, who’d inherited it from my uncle’s father, a piano repairman. They had it for years before getting a new piano and generously passing this one on to me. The piano movers who originally moved it from their house to my 3rd floor condo said that it was the heaviest thing they’d ever moved, and I saw it described on one website as the “Bush and Lane double-hernia model.” The insides are in beautiful shape, but the finish on the outside was pretty much shot, so we wanted to have it restored to its original beauty. The refinisher did a BEAUTIFUL job.


Monogram. (Ignore the residual moving dust.)

Closeup of the finish. It glows now. It’s gorgeous.

The piano. The sliding doors in front are where the piano rolls go. The panel at the bottom above the pedals is where the pump action pulls out. The shelf next to it will eventually be hanging above it to put the piano rolls on–we have a cabinet for them too, but we have more than fit in the cabinet.

Anyway, that’s it. All visitors are welcome to take a turn playing. :-)

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